How to cheat on StraighterLine final

November 29, 2022

This article offers insight into different methods of cheating on a StraighterLine final. Readers will also get an overview of the risks associated with these methods.

Attempting to cheat on a StraighterLine course is practically unfeasible; it's an incredibly difficult feat. Furthermore, all StraighterLine final exams are proctored and monitored by remote proctors, making it nearly impossible to find a loophole. That said, there are still numerous ways of optimizing your chances at success, and here we'll look at the best ways to increase your chances of passing a StraighterLine final.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology

One of the most innovative ways to cheat on a StraighterLine final is by using advanced tech gadgets and technology. There are several tools out there that can help you in this regard. For example, you could use a hidden body camera to allow someone to remotely view your computer screen and assist you with answering test questions. To make this setup work, you also need a hidden earphone like the COOMAX Mini so that the person on the other end can provide the answers. Another option is to use a pen that has a camera built into it. This allows you to share your computer screen with someone else who can assist you. Additionally, camera glasses are available that resemble regular eyewear but have a discreet camera embedded in them. These glasses allow you to share your computer screen with someone else while looking like you're simply wearing regular glasses.

Virtual Machine

Another clever way to cheat on a StraighterLine final is using a virtual machine.

A virtual machine is a software environment that emulates a physical device, allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine. In other words, a virtual machine is a software implementation of a computer that can run programs like a physical computer.

Using a virtual machine would allow you to access your online StraighterLine final exam while simultaneously running a program that can be used to assist you with the test questions. However, this method can be easily detected and flagged by A.I . proctoring systems.

External Projector

One way to cheat on a StraighterLine final is by using an external projector. An external projector can project images from your computer onto a wall or any other surface. This can be used to project images of the StraighterLine final exam questions onto another surface that someone else can see. They can then give you the answers to the questions in real time. This method is dangerous and should only be used as a last resort, as it's easily detectable by proctored systems.

Help from Family or Friends

Sometimes, your best bet for cheating on a StraighterLine final is to seek the help of family, friends, or experts who can answer the questions. This method is effective but risky as it's detectable by proctoring systems. For example, a student may have a friend or family member conceal themselves behind the curtains and capture photos of their computer screen to share the questions with a tutor. The tutor will then send the answers to your friend or family member, who will share them with you.


While it is possible to cheat on a StraighterLine final exam, it's incredibly risky and not recommended. The best way to pass a StraighterLine final exam is by studying hard and understanding the material thoroughly. If you still opt for an alternative method of cheating, then be sure to use extreme caution, as these methods are detectable and may result in severe consequences. Ultimately, the decision to cheat on a StraighterLine final is up to the student, but it's best to stay away from such activities and focus instead on studying.

Good luck!

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